Monday, 7 July 2014


No update for a while.  I have a slight problem with my shoulder and using the mouse and keyboard (and the tiller) aggravates it.  So mostly just photographs to get up to date.

Sunday 29

 Back to Pixey Mead - no rowers this time
But plenty of geese

The entrance to the Oxford canal from whence I came onto the Thames, 10 days ago.

Sunday 29
4 miles; 1 large lock

Monday 30

The popular Folly Bridge and trip boats at Oxford

Sandford Lock



Monday 30
 13 miles; 7 large locks

Tuesday 1

The first of many Grebes - a delightfully elegant waterbird with ornate head plumes which led to its being hunted for its feathers, almost leading to its extermination from the UK. They dive to feed and also to escape, preferring this to flying. On land they are clumsy because their feet are placed so far back on their bodies. They have an elaborate courtship display in which they rise out of the water and shake their heads. Very young grebes often ride on their parents' backs.

As we go further down the houses get bigger
Tuesday 1
13 miles; 2 large locks

Wednesday 2

Moulsford Railway Bridge

Approaching Goring

There appears to be a submarine on the Thames
Wednesday 2
6 miles; 2 large locks

Thursday 3

Leaving my mooring at what is marked in my guide as the Child-Beale Wildlife Trust.  I was looking forward to a visit but a look on their website reveals it has been turned into an attraction for children.
The houses keep getting bigger

The Victorian iron bridge between Pangbourne and Whitchurch (for which a toll is still payable) is being replaced.

View from Caversham Bridge at Reading.  I am moored about a mile up - lovely spot, with plenty of room for James to play.  I will be staying for a good few nights.  Good TV signal so I enjoyed the Grand Prix and Wimbledon men's final yesterday.

Thursday 3

7 miles; 2 large locks
TOTAL:  454 miles; 246 locks (58 broad; 40 large; 7 lift bridges)